The PSL Team Model is a relationship based on collaboration, transparency and trust.

How We Identify Your Savings

Four simple steps which are cost free and with no obligations

Who do we service?

PSL predominately works closely with the hotel and restaurants sector to support and develop food savings. However, with years of experience, we now have clients expanding into education, healthcare and more.

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Gastro Pubs

  • Hospitals

  • Care Homes

  • Universities & Colleges

Cost Savings

Food Margin Improvement ‐ We can help you to reduce your food costs by between 10-15%

We do this by price-matching your current food supplier by scanning the market for the best possible prices through our suppliers


Food Revenue Generation ‐ We can train your teams to drive sales through good service and upselling techniques.

PSL has a team of trainers who assist clients increase revenue by developing their food-service staff’s sales service skills.
On average, client profits are boosted by 10% as a result of PSL training, generating a positive impact on staff motivation, customer satisfaction levels and turnover.

Training includes:

  • Developing Managers’ training, communication and coaching skills
  • Refining staff members sales and service skills
  • Identifying sales and service opportunities

In order to compile the analysis we need to receive the following three pieces of information :-

  • Food invoices for every supplier for one recent and typical month
  • A list of the total annual spend, broken down by supplier
  • A list of any rebates / listing fees / retrospective discounts that are currently received from the incumbent suppliers

Our analysis usually takes approximately four to five weeks to complete, depending on the complexity and extent of the data provided. Once the analysis has been finalised we will arrange a meeting to present the results and to explain the next steps involved in capturing the savings.

Quality & Excellence

By adhering to best practices pin-pointed by us, our customers not only improve their patron’s care and internal procedures but may further increase profitability.

We can also assist with:

  • Observation checklist
  • Delivery procedures
  • Temperature of the vehicle
  • Packaging & labelling
  • Weighing and checking of commodities
  • Accuracy of invoices, prices and credits