PSL offers a bespoke allergen management system which is completely free to use for all of its clients.

On December 13th 2014 new EU Regulations were introduced requiring all caterers to highlight 14 major food allergens. This included identifying and informing customer about all allergens in your dishes as well as ensuring the information is refreshed every 30 days.

The allergen management system includes all of the following benefits :

  • Allergen awareness.
  • Menu signposts – Allergens.
  • Assists in being compliant to allergens regulations.
  • Allows you to publish fully up to date allergen menus both on your website and within your restaurant.
  • Ensures your front of house teams have easy access to allergen information about the menu.

 “In this day and age, this tool is very important. The Chefs use it continually to record every item that goes into a dish – it helps them to have complete visibility, so they can respond easily to requests and enquiries from customers.”

– Brad Wilkinson, DVHG, Finance Director, The Vineyard Group