PSL offers a bespoke recipe costing system which is the UK’s largest recipe management system with over 60,000 recipes.

The system allows chefs to costs each of their dishes once and thereafter prices are automatically updated on and ongoing basis. Additional benefits include specification awareness, menu performance and sales analysis.

Features of this system:

  • If a dish cost price changes beyond your targeted food cost, the system sends an automatic reminder so it’s not missed.
  • If a margin is not achieved on a specific dish you can remove it and replace it with a more profitable one.
  • You can create an SOP manual for the kitchen complete with photo, method, costing and recipe.
  • Menu dishes can be printed off for events and used as a unique selling point for conference / function / wedding organisers to send out to their group/party.
  • Saves time with seasonal dishes as recipes in 5 minutes and have a recipe cards and publish the dish to customers before service starts – Great for specials!
  • URL, Code and QR readers make it easy to use for the guest, informing them what they can eat and what to avoid for their allergen.
  • Group menus can be done centrally therefore avoiding duplication and saving time.
  • Theoretical FCOS are identified, realising outlet menu potentials by adding your epos PLU’s.

 “The system manages all the costing which takes away the headache of doing it ourselves.”

– Roy Bromley, Antoinette Group, Director of Operations